50 Strokes To Paradise……..Maybe

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50 Strokes to Cum

50 Strokes to Cum

50 Strokes to Cum – Heidi
Heidi gives you 50 Strokes to cum! If you don’t make it you get to punish yourself how Heidi sees fit. Heidi counts as she decides so you better be paying very close attention. .

Jackoff Encouragement Clips

Jack Off Encouragement into Taylor’s Hands

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Hand Cream

Hand Cream / Jack Off Session

Hand Cream / Jack Off Session
In this “hand” focus clip Mistress Taylor shows you how to lube up with lotion and stroke it for her. Demonstrating for you. But for the finish she wants to replace the lotion with something else……..she counts you down to cum in her outstretched hands. This was a request from a hand lover fan. SMOKING HOT!

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