Inferior Seed Fails to Breed (Sample Clip)

  Inferior Seed Fails to Breed Your wife lets you know she has been fucking a black man with a giant cock and got pregnant. She shows off her pregnant belly and lets you know that you will pay for and raise this as she continues to fuck big black cock because your small […]

Jack off To My Perfect Round New Pregnant Belly (Sample Clip)

  Jack off To My Perfect Round New Pregnant Belly Olivia is three months pregnant and she teases you with her sexy growing belly. She talks about how big and round her belly has gotten so far and is going to get. She wants you to jack off for her and cum all over […]

Two is Always Better than One Masturbation Instruction

Tag Team Instruction Olivia and Taylor teach you how to how to jack your cock while they tease you with their big natural tits. Nothing sexier than two hot women encouraging you stroke by stroke. Great facial closeups giving you guided encouragement. SIENNA AND TAYLOR CLIPS

The Harder You Get, The Wetter She Gets Jerkoff Encouragement

Olivia’s Slow Teasing Masturbation Instruction This is a slow teasing clip. Olivia takes you step by step through the entire masturbation process. She gets turned on looking at your big hard cock telling you to stroke it as she gets more and more turned on. The harder your cock gets, the wetter she gets as […]