HUGE Tits in your Face Masturbation Instruction

Tits Ahoy!…In Your Face BREAST MI This is an AWESOME POV that looks like she’s is sitting right on top of you, dangling and smothering you with those BIG SOFT breasts of hers, while she’s telling you exactly how to masturbate for her. HEAVEN! Think you can last until her countdown to cum? More […]

Jerk Your Cock Like I Do

Step by Step Instruction Jack Off Instruction with a Strap on Jack off with Mistress Taylor as she teaches you EXACTLY what to do. Don’t miss this extremely sexy step by step instruction. It is NOT her Usual dominant clip- just instructional with No humiliation. Strapon Masturbation Instructions

Will Taylor Let you Cum?….Jackoff Instructions

I Own and Completely Control Your Cock Masturbation Instruction PART 2 Will she or won’t she let you cum? You’ll have to watch to find out, but you know it’s gonna be HOT! Taylor guides you thru a jerkoff session as only she can, looking beautiful as ever. More Guided Jerkoff Encouragement

Look Up Taylor’s Skirt Masturbation Instructions

Up Skirt Observer Caught and Forced to Jack off with Underwear You are caught glancing up a skirt. You are told to jack your cock while looking. You are then told to jack off with the pair of underwear you were looking at and counted down. Mistress Taylor Clips

Jack Off Encouragement into Taylor’s Hands

Hand Cream / Jack Off Session In this “hand” focus clip Mistress Taylor shows you how to lube up with lotion and stroke it for her. Demonstrating for you. But for the finish she wants to replace the lotion with something else……..she counts you down to cum in her outstretched hands. This was a […]